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About Elementally You

In 2004, I received a color consultation—a thing you might never have heard of, but it was life-changing. I did it because I was making clothing on commission at the time, and people often asked, “What color would work best for someone like me?” and I had no idea what to say.


Although I wasn’t sure what to expect from the consult, I learned that color actually can impact the way you look to others and how you perceive yourself—in a profound way. The right palette can make you look healthier, more alert. It can bring out your vitality. Color can transform you in an instant… and when you look better, you feel better. You walk taller, and you reach for better opportunities. Your whole energy changes. I watched it happen with my friends who took the consultation with me, and I watched it happen in myself.


This is the first strong memory I have of realizing that the energy we feel isn’t something that’s totally outside of our control. In fact, more of it is within our grasp than we think.


Whether or not you consciously realize it yet, every day, outside forces affect your energy. Demands on your time affect your energy. Your career and daily work life affect your energy. Relationships of all kinds certainly affect your energy—both positively and negatively. Even your home can restore or deplete you. We are all impacted by outside forces constantly.


I have learned this lesson many times, in many ways, over many years.


After that first color consultation, I took another class on something called Fashion Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient eastern practice of observing how energy flows and the impression it leaves behind. We usually hear about it in terms of living spaces, but Feng Shui actually applies to all areas of life. My Fashion Feng Shui class revealed to me that more than even being stuck in my own personal style, I was stuck in life. I had been giving myself too often to the whims and desires of others, to the point I’d almost lost myself in the process (not an uncommon thing to happen!). It was a wake-up call and another lesson in what I’ve come to call energy management.


The western world is still in its early stages of working out how to manage energy. Most people aren’t trained from an early age how to make decisions, choose habits or change thought patterns so they can be replenished when their energy has been diminished. (I wasn’t.) But the world craves help with managing energy more than ever; we see this desire in the upward trends of self-care, yoga, and more.


Today, after years in working HR, where more was asked of me every day than I had to give (sound familiar?), I am happily working directly at the heart of energy management. It is my soul mission to help others live a life of abundant energy—to live by design rather than by default. Once you start to see how, as individuals, we allow what limited energy we have to be stripped away bit by bit, even resorting to taking energy from others in an effort to restore what has been taken, you can’t unsee it… and you can’t help but start to transform yourself.


It doesn’t take rocket science to start making real progress in energy management in your own life.


As an Energy Coach, I work in the areas of Reiki, color, essential oils, crystals, and Fashion Feng Shui to guide others in their practice of energy management. I have found these elements to be instrumental in my own journey and helpful tools as well in my role as an Energy Coach to those who feel more energy is taken from them than is poured into them. 


I’m also not limited to these modalities; because, again, energy is everywhere, and we get to choose how we are restored and what we give away. Energy management is not one-size-fits-all.


How do you know if you’re ready for an Energy Coach? If your doctor thinks you’re perfectly healthy, but you still feel…

  • … stuck in work or life

  • … angry often, even knowing logically that you’re disproportionately upset in certain situations

  • … drained, no matter how much sleep you get or how hydrated you are

  • … guilty that you often resentful or anxious in specific situations or around specific people

  • … unsettled, like something within you is unresolved or you’re not where you’re supposed to be


… then it might be time to talk with an Energy Coach!

I’d love to talk with you about the options available to you through my brand, Elementally You, to help you restore your energy so you can live your best life.

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